Perfect selfies, no filter needed.

Summer is fast approaching and that means more activities that you’ll want to capture. We are all WELL versed in the wonders of filters in photo sharing apps (#NoFilter… yeah right!). But, we are here to tell you that our favorite skin care line, Skin Authority, and our favorite makeup line, Glo-minerals, can give you flawless looks, no filters needed!

Prep for the Perfect Filter-Free Selfie

Skin Authority has recently created brand new Beauty Infusions and Peel Pads. The 4 Beauty Infusions are elixirs that can be used alone, mixed-and-matched, or added to your makeup or other facial products to create flawless skin. Peel Pads are a leave on AHA peel to smooth skin at home. Both Peel Pads and Beauty Infusions contain no dyes, fragrances, parabens, or animal testing

Hydrating Beauty Infusion– Concentrates the power of quinoa protein and avocado oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm the feel of skin texture for skin that appears more hydrated and smooth.

Brightening Beauty Infusion– Concentrates the power of curcumin found in turmeric and antioxidants found in blueberry to help fade the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. Turmeric has been used for centuries to make skin look spotless and radiant.

Anti-Aging Beauty Infusion– Concentrates the pure actives from the Himalaya native Swertia Chirata (gentian herb) to help improve the look of photo aged skin, vertical wrinkles, lip contour wrinkles, and roughness.

Clarifying Beauty Infusion– Concentrates the power of friendly bacteria to help increase skin clarity, normalize pH balance, and combat the appearance of inflammation, dry patches, rosacea, breakouts, and large pores.

Peel Pads– One sweep of our exclusive leave-on peel solution smooths the skin for flawless makeup application prep and boosts the performance of your daily products that follow. In a few seconds, skin appears smoother, firmer, and brighter. Gentle enough for daily use, yet powerful enough to transform the appearance of skin texture.

Create the Look for Your Filter-Free Selfie

Not only does Glo-minerals products look gorgeous in pictures, they are good, we mean, REALLY GOOD, for your skin. Glo-minerals products have vitamins and nutrients to help nourish your skin.

Our favorite products for bridal parties is the Luxe family of concealers, foundations, and finishing powder. All the products contain vitamins A, C, and E plus green tea extract. The foundations and concealers also provide broad spectrum UV protection.


Luxe concealer pen is a lightweight, creamy formula. This concealer uses diamond powder technology to deliver superior, customizable correction to any skin tone or concern.

High Beam (Ivory) is best for overall concealing while brightening and highlighting

Brighten (Golden) cancels out redness to cover blemishes or skin inflammation

Sunburst (Peach) eliminates dark under eye circles or any darker patches that you may be correcting


Luxe Liquid Foundation contains light-diffusing diamond powder gives a soft focus to the skin, creating a luminous glow all day. The coverage is buildable, from sheer to medium with a dewy finish. By the end of the day, you’ll still feel like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

Finishing Powder

A translucent, loose powder used to set Luxe Liquid Foundation and blur fine lines and imperfections for a luminous soft focus effect on the skin. Like the liquid foundation, the finishing powder includes diamond powder and adds synthetic sapphire powder it provides weightless coverage with a sheer, silky smooth finish to leave skin looking flawless.

Don’t forget contouring or strobing to create the best selfie ever! Check out our blog post on these two techniques here.


Curly Hair Demystified

You curly girls, envied by stick-straight sisters everywhere. We know, we know, your hair is hard to manage and maintain but, that texture, that VOLUME. Bask in the envy.

But, when you get that perfect curly blowout… #CurlyGoddess

So, how can you achieve that blowout every time? The first step is to understand your curl. There are 5 main types of curl; waves, spirals, ringlets, coils, and corkscrews.

Waves are wide-set ripples with straight roots.

Spirals are round curls with a loose, loopy end.

Ringlets are springy curls that fall in an “S” pattern.

Coils are small curls with big volume.

Corkscrews are tight curls that tend to shrink.

So, now that we know what type of curly you are, how do you cultivate those curls?

Remember to use sulfate-free shampoo & conditioners that moisturize and de-frizz.

curly hair


To boost volume at the roots and define the waves apply lightweight defining products to clean hair. Then loosely twirl the hair and pin up in loose coils. Let air dry or dry under low heat. Shake out coils and spray with a flexible hold finishing spray.


Creating uniform curls with definition, no frizz, will require more structural product. Using a primer to lay the foundation then a light-weight defining cream or balm, then layer a curl specific mousse. Wrap curls around 2 fingers and pin against your head. Use a hairdryer with defuser attachment on medium heat until hair is about 80% dry. Uncoil curls and use hairdryer without defuser attachment to individually dry curls. Break up curls with fingers and finish with a flexible finishing spray.


This type of curl, like most, can tend toward frizz or needs heavy sticky products to define. But, lucky you! You can skip the heat by starting with clean hair (remember to use moisturizing, curl loving shampoo and conditioner) apply a curly hair primer and light-weight defining cream. Section hair into 2-3 inch sections and twist 2 pieces section by section. Let hair air dry, then gently breakup curls with curls.


To tame the volume with coils, start with a curl primer on clean hair. Divide your hair into 4 sections and twist up and secure. Coils need more humidity control and hold so, use a gel paired with an oil or a humidity fighting gel on each section, defining the curls. Use a hairdryer with defuser attachment to blow dry the hair in a downward direction until hair is about 80% dry to prevent frizz.


Another type of curl that is best created sans heat. Starting with a curl primer, tightly twist hair all over your head. Let air dry and unfurl curls and pull anti-humidity gel through the curls to relax and define the curls.

There are a lot of great curl-loving products out there. We LOVE Bumble & bumble’s newly reformulated curl line. The products are build-able and customizable. Come in to work with one of our curly hair specialists to learn the best techniques for styling your curls!

Our Favorite Summer Products

Summer Hair Products

We’re transitioning to summer looks which means, beachy waves, loose braids, and easy buns. Bumble and bumble has great products for the summer. Their Surf family of products helps all hair types get styles that look like you spent the day at the beach, playing in the surf. The original Surf Spray adds body and a matte finish for all hair types. Surf Infusion takes the original and adds in nourishing oils which is perfect for coarse or dry hair. The newest addition Surf Foam Spray is great for fine-to-medium hair to give you big waves, like nothing has before.

Surf Foam

Are you more of a no-style and go person in the summer? Forget heat styling when it’s 90 degrees out. Bumble & bumble’s Don’t Blow It (H)Air Styler is your go-to in the summer months.


Pret-a-powder is a lifesaver throughout the year but, during the summer months it’s a must. A dry shampoo, a style extender, and a volumizer when hair is oiler, and be limp with the heat and humidity.


Summer Makeup

Glo-minerals new Tinted Primers are light weight and contain SPF 30. They help smooth out skin texture and offer light coverage. What could be better for summer?


We all know there’s a difference between a nice sheen to on your skin, and a sweaty oily mess that we sometimes deal with in the heat of summer. Help cut down on the shine with Glo-minerals’ finishing powders, Matte, Perfecting, and Luxe Setting Powder with emerald powder. They help keep makeup in place and absorb oil throughout the day. Plus they help refine lines and imperfections.


Don’t you hate it when you apply the perfect eyeliner and then, 1 hour later, it’s melted off? Well, Glo-minerals has your solution, Liquid Ink Liner is GUARANTEED to stay in place. It’s sweat-proof and water-proof and has a gloss finish. We love it!


Texture’s Summer Trend Report

Women’s Fashion

Now that we are having consistently warmer weather and it actually feels like Spring….it’s time to think about Summer! We’ve put together some of our favorite looks for Summer for you ladies and gents. 

Women’s fashion is highlighting sexy shoulders with off the shoulder tops, either one shoulder or both. Shorts are denim and fringe-y, and they are a little distressed. Other denim is a throw back to the 70s and 90s with fun colorful patches. With the heat comes lighter looser cuts and this summer we love the billowy sleeves and slip dresses that pair perfectly with a pair of flats and simple jewelry.  Footwear is very strappy, with lace up flats and ultra gladiator sandals are leading the way the way this Summer. 

suumer trends women

Men’s Fashion

We love seeing all the shades of green on men this summer, often complimented by gray. Gents are sporting updated, tailored bomber jackets, suede is the most popular. Just like the ladies, men’s denim are distressed, while trousers are cut looser than we’ve seen in years. Channeling the 50s, we’ll see a lot of Cuban collared shirts, perfect for steamy Summer days.

summer trends men

Women’s Hair

This Summer we have so many options to chose from! Blondes range from buttery to iridescent, cool icy  blondes aren’t as popular this Summer (sorry Elsa!). Bronde is still a top trend especially using ecaille or balayage with bronze or caramel colors. Red heads will shine with strawberry blondes, rose gold (LOVE!), autumnal auburns, deep burgundy, and coppery tones, we can’t wait to play around with all these gorgeous colors! Fashion colors are just as variable, dip dye brights, color melt in subtle-to-primary colors, pastels have a dusty tone to them this summer. We are also big fans of the root-y look, showing off a lived-in and low-maintenance look, and the nude colors that are popping up everywhere that are neither cool or warm and flatter almost every skin tone.

summer trends hair

Why you SHOULD take a professional makeup lesson

So you’ve youtubed your way through thousands of makeup videos and tried some of the looks on yourself. Great! You’re in good company, we love playing with makeup too. There are some great makeup tutorials out there as well as amazing talented makeup artists sharing their gifts. But, there is still a benefit to coming in and learning one-on-one with a professional.

They have the tools & know how to use them.

Your average makeup artist has an arsenal of tools of the trade and can help you pick and choose the best tools for your look. A makeup artists can also direct you to the best quality tools within your price point. And, yes, the quality of your tools will effect your makeup application. A makeup artist will also be able to guide you through the intricacies of using your tools (e.g. where to hold the brush for the appropriate pressure when applying, foundation, shadows, bronzer, etc.)

They are working with YOU not an audience

The issue that can come up with on-line tutorials is that they are geared to a large audience with many different features, flaws, and faces. We also, often see you-tube videos skew toward the host & his or her issues since they are usually their own models and deal mostly with their own imperfections. When you sit down with a makeup artist, they will walk you trough your individual concerns (dark circles? redness? blemishes?) and teach you the best techniques to deal with them. Your face is unique, you little snowflake.

They are PROS

Makeup artists have invested time and money to cultivate their craft. They attended school, probably have been to numerous workshops and classes following school. They have purchased A LOT of tools and products to find the best possible options for a variety of needs. They have applied makeup to all types of faces and skin types. If they are offering lessons, then they have the desire and ability to share their knowledge. They have the knowledge to explain the steps and products necessary to achieve the look(s) you want.




Get Ready for Wedding Season- Brides


Start your skin care regimen. Schedule your first facial with an esthetician to get on a skin care plan that may include peels or microdermabrasion. Regular facial treatments will ensure that you are absolutely glowing for all the photos of your big day.

If you are planning to change your hair for the wedding, now is the time to experiment with different haircuts and hair color. Begin a hair care routine that includes regular deep conditioning treatments and trims every four to six weeks.


If your nails are short, begin growing them out or consider nail enhancements such as acrylics or gels. If you plan on having natural nails, start scheduling regular manicures and consider shellac polish.  Make sure that you stick with the same manicurist throughout this time so you are on the same page. This will ensure your nails are strong and look flawless for your wedding. Plus, a nail appointment will serve as a nice break from wedding planning! Having a beautiful set of nails requires planning so start scheduling your monthly manicures and pedicures now.


Make your hair and makeup appointments for your trial and wedding day. Make wedding day hair and makeup appointments for your bridesmaids and relatives as well. Each salon has different policies when it comes to booking bridal party appointments so be sure that you find the salon that best suits your needs.

Ask about their cancellation policies, food & beverage policies, photography policies, what you should plan on for available space to store things like jewelry and vale, and ask what type of makeup they use.


Continue with your skin care plan. As funny as this sounds, there is going to be a lot of attention focused on your mouth on the wedding day: saying your vows, kissing AFTER those vows, eating cake, and smiling, smiling, smiling! So, to get your lips in prime pucker condition here are some tips. The key to getting great lips is exfoliation, the sloughing off of dead surface skin. You will need to exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week leading up to your wedding, we wouldn’t recommend doing it in the morning of to avoid any unnecessary irritation. Be sure to keep lips moisturized all day with a natural lip balm that includes an SPF. Hydrate!

Are you planning on getting any body waxing services for your wedding or honeymoon? If you are not on a regular waxing schedule, it’s time to start. This allows you and your waxing specialist to time your appointments correctly. If you have any reactions to waxing, it’s better to find out now so you and your waxing specialist can treat them.

Time to start researching different hair and make-up styles you would like to try on your trial. Make sure to bring in pictures of what you like. Hello Pintrest!!!


Get your trial hair and make-up completed together bring your vale and jewelry to this appointment so your stylist can really create your updo with the whole look in mind. Getting your trials done a month out from your wedding allows enough time before the wedding if you want to try a new style, but it is close enough to keep your look fresh in your stylists mind. Selfie time! Take a picture and bring it with you for the real wedding day.


Get your final hair trim and deep conditioning treatment. Touch up your hair color or highlights. Receive your final facial treatment.


Receive your final manicure and pedicure. Have a nail party with your bridesmaids and friends and also remember to send the groom and the groomsmen in for their nails too. Don’t forget to think about adding a brow and lash tint to your appointment this time. Receive any waxing services such as brow, lip, legs, etc. Also keep in mind getting a bikini wax, especially if you’re going somewhere tropical for your honeymoon.

Major Life Change? Time to Change Your Hair? Maybe Not.

Major changes in your life can be catalysts for a new look.

Got a new job: Time for a new hair color?

About to move to a new city: How would a pixie cut look on me?

Just ended a relationship: Are perms still a thing?

Hold your horses there, missy. Let’s a take a step back. Any stylist worth their shears will ask you a few questions before a big change. If your stylist doesn’t then you should.

Was there a life event that caused this urge to cut full fringe for the first time in your life? Good or bad, big changes push us out of our comfort zone and this can leak into other areas of our lives leading us to make choices we might not, otherwise. Taking an honest look at your feelings toward your life change can help you better recognize whether you’re making an impulsive change you may regret, or taking life by the horns and embracing a new direction in your life.  Ready to be honest with yourself? Here are the biggies to ask:

End of a relationship?

We know this is cliche, but every stylist has had this client in their chair. The post-breakup chop. And to be honest, ya’ll are terrifying. We could be dealing with a total meltdown or a glorious butterfly emerging from our chair at the end of that appointment. To get a better idea of how your appointment might end, answer us this, did you get broken up with or do the breaking up? Neither role is easy but, if you instigated the breakup, it may mean that you are open and ready for change. If you were on the receiving end of a breakup, you were not looking (or possibly ready) for the change you were thrown into. So, this makeover may be more reactionary and most definitely, likely to end in tears.

New job?

Congratulations! You landed your dream job (or at least a change of scenery). You feel accomplished, powerful, desired, and ready to add that power purple streak to your hair and feel like the superhero you are, “Executive Woman”! We hate to rain on your parade but, it is important to take the temperature of the field you will be entering. Do you work with clients? If so, what demographic of people will you generally be dealing with? What temperament is your new supervisor? Their supervisor? These are all important questions to ask, because even though we want to support you in your style journey, we definitely don’t want you back in our chair the next week after a meeting with your supervisor about “professional appearances”.


New city, new you? Right? While moving to a brand new city where no one, or almost no one, knows you is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, unfortunately we are not in a ’90s teen movie, and there are consequences. So, take some time and look at what you want to see differently in yourself. Have you made drastic changes to your look in the past? How did they go? Are you the type of person who has had, basically,  the same length/color hair with a trim or retouch every few months? If that’s the case cutting any more than 3-4 inches off can be traumatic. What type of maintenance are you expecting? A cut with a lot of texture and shape requires a full cut every 4-6 weeks, color that is 2+ shades off your natural outgrowth will require a trip in to the salon every 4-6 weeks as well.

BUT, don’t get us wrong, with all these warnings we definitely do get excited when a guest sits in our chair ready for some change. We just want to make sure it’s the right change for you.

Wearing Lipstick- How To

Our days of Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers are behind us (R.I.P. Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers). It is time to up your lip game and stop smearing clear balm or a sheer nude color on your lips & calling it a day. We know this can be a bit intimidating but, that’s why were’re always here to help. Follow the these easy (we PROMISE they’re easy) steps and you will obtain the perfect pout.

Step 1: Find the right product for you

Take some time to look at color families that appeal to you, look at celebrities with similar coloring to your skin, eyes and hair.

If you are struggling to find a color or color family that works for you, visit your salon or a dedicated makeup store/counter and ask to be color matched.

Also, make sure you have a neutral or shade compatible lip liner.

Step 2: Prepare your lips

Ok, now that you have your lipstick in hand it’s time to prep those lips to hold the color and definition. First exfoliate your lips if they are a little dry and/or flaky. You can use a clean toothbrush to gently exfoliate, a wet washcloth or purchase a lip exfoliating wand.

Then moisturize your lips with your facial moisturizer or emollient lip balm, let that sit while you do the rest of your makeup then, gently blot away any excess.

Finally, apply foundation or lip primer to create a canvass for your lipstick.

Step 3: Apply

Blot your foundation or primer to remove any excess product.

Now it’s time to line your lips. As a beginner, start by just following the natural line of your lips, if you want to define your cupids bow or lower lip a little more just proceed conservatively (let’s not pull a Kylie Jenner just yet).

We recommend using a high quality lip brush to apply your lipstick following your lip liner. Lip brushes allow more control and better application of lipstick. But, lip brushes are definitely not necessary.

Start in the center of your mouth, it doesn’t matter if you start on the upper or lower lip.

When doing the lower lip make sure the center is fuller then tapers out toward the edges of your mouth.

When applying the top lip, “X marks the spot”. The spot is your Cupid’s Bow, the little indent in the middle of your top lip. Crisscross your lip color at the cupid’s bow to define the peaks. Bring the color out toward the corner’s of your mouth, following your lip liner.

Blot your lips to remove excess color.

Step 4: Finishing

Run one more layer of color over your lips.

With a small brush, use concealer to touch up any smudges or slight mistakes.

Viola! Your perfect pout.




Why Spa Days are a Necessity not an Indulgence

The idea of a Spa Day often has the air of indulgence for many but, spa services are part of a healthy lifestyle routine. Spas, in one form or another, have been used for centuries; Roman bathhouses were a place of healing through water and heat. Today spas offer a wide variety of services designed not only for relaxation but, for therapeutic and restorative purposes.


Yes, whether it is one service or a days-long spa trip, one of the main benefits of a spa is relaxation. It is a time to disconnect, in a society that almost never completely turns off. We spend our days in front of screens, constantly consuming media and in constant communication with work, family, and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, when this type of 24/7 inundation is the norm, true relaxation gets pushed to the side or disregarded. Relaxation is extremely important in maintaining a healthy mind and body. It allows our bodies to return to stasis, to reset, this is important in stress management. Stress related illness is becoming a serious issue in our fast paced society and one way to help manage your stress levels is to unwind in an environment that is specifically designed to create a peaceful and restorative experience.


Just like with any health regimen you do not see results unless you maintain a regular routine. With facials, it is important to continue to expose cells to products that aid in cell turnover, repair, and rejuvenation. Regular massage ensures that therapeutic progress continues to be made with recommended treatment from your massage therapist. Whatever your goals, it is extremely important to stick to the schedule that you and your specialist have agreed to. Many spas offer series or packages to help make your trips more cost-effective.


Speaking of cost-effectiveness, how much does a day off cost you? A vacation? Medical bills for stress related illness & injury? Or, heck, a couple of bottles of wine? When compared to the benefits and actual cost, a regular spa trip saves more pennies and doesn’t add more stress to your life.


2016 Oscars Favs

Oh, red carpet season, you bring us so much joy, and dresses, and hair…

At this year’s Oscars, we saw a lot of waves and classic styles when it came to hair. Outfits, over all, were a little more subdued than we’ve seen in the past.

Here are a few of our favorite hair styles from the big night:

Kerry Washington was fierce with a pony with tons of volume and her leather top. Lady Gaga looked polished and classic with golden waves. Olivia Wilde’s dutch braids & braided low bun, were a perfect finish to soften her outfit.

Two of the biggest winners of the night, Brie Larson and Leo (Oh my god! it’s about time) both looked perfect on their big nights. Brie’s periwinkle blue and pretty hair with fine detail in the back is exactly what a Best Actress winner should look like. Leo, well, he was just chill and classy as ever. We are so happy for them both!


When considering a couple of our favorite ladies on the red carpet, we have to admit, we have a major crush on Priyanka Chopra and the Oscars on the 26th just solidified that crush that much more. She was stunning in a white sheer dress with a little bit of sparkle. While Jennifer Garner strode down the red carpet, opting for classic black, and looked absolutely stunning.

Finally, we can’t forget the guys! Finn Wittrock and Abraham Attah, well done gentlemen.